Friday, January 29, 2010

Thumbody Loves You!

And that thumbody is Me!!!
I must be a sucker! I got roped into heading up the valentine parties at the kids' school. Truth be told, I LOVE to plan parties. But I don't love trying to get 20 different personalities to cooperate with each other. It's like herding cats!

But, something fun has come out of the endeavor. A little silver in the cloud linings. One of the classes found an adorable foam craft project at Oriental Trading Company, but the cost of the kits, especially for being only foam, was cost prohibitive. So, I took it to the Cricut.

I am limited on my cartridges, so I had to improvise a little bit. The base/pot is from the Celebrations cartirdge. That's right - the birthday cartridge. I used on page 117 and then cut the bow off to become the flower pot. I did it again on my patterned paper cutting off the bow and the top lip to give the pot dots. The grass is from Plantin Schoolbook, p. 69. The stem is a lollipop stick that I stamped with ink to get the green color. The petal itself is from Accent Essentials . Although I did find quite a few other flower heads on other cartridges so look and see what you can find. I chose this one because it most resembled the flower on the OT piece and the shape was nice with the thumbrpints. The saying is hand done, but when I go to do 100 of these, I will be printing them out on the computer. The heart is from the Plantin SchoolBook again.

I hope this will delight our 100 second graders and their "thumbodies special."

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