Friday, April 5, 2013

Fold Out Cards

I made these cards back in June but never got them published as I got busy with vacation and the like. The first one was for a teacher and the back had a spot the perfect size for a Sonic Gift Card! The second one was Scott's Father's Day card. It unfolded from the bottom. When I went to have Spencer sign his name, he added a hand drawn basketball player at the very top, which did peek out the top when the card was folded. Oh well! Someday I will cherish that little drawing!

Embellishing Disney Matching T-shirts

A few days ago,  I posted about how to make these fun matching Mickey Mouse Ears t-shirts using fabric of your choosing and you Mickey and Friends Cricut cartridge.  Today, let's talk about embellishing.  The top R Pooh shirt has no embellishment and the thread was a Pooh brown.  To me, it lacks pop, but it fits it's owner to a t!  The Princess shirt on the L however, has a nice bright hot pink border.  To add to the princess flair, I found tiara iron-on embellies at my local Joann store.
Let's talk for a minute about the zig-zag stitch.  You should be able to find a zig stitch even on the absolute simplest of machines.  If you look closely at the shirt on the left, you can see that the zig-zag produces a stitch similar to a satin/embroidery stitch done on a high end machine.  But that there are gaps and even some missed stitches.  The fun thing about the Mickey Ears is that imperfection on your machine's part adds only whimsy to the overall look!  So if you've never sewn before, this is a fun way to start!

 For embellishment here on Miss Tinkerbell, I added some individual iron-on bling that actually came in a large sheet of random iron-ons.  I cut them out from the big sheet and ironed right on.  Easy breazy!  The outline thread was a bright lime/Tinkerbell green and pops a lot more in person than this picture shows!

Finally, the classic Cinderella outlines in Cinderella pale blue with the same tiara iron on as the princesses above.  All of these t-shirts were easy to make because the owner chose popular characters with fabric easy to find!  But what to do for those who chose something a little less obscure?  The villain, perhaps?  Or a quirky side-kick?  Stay tuned for tomorrow's post!