Friday, July 23, 2010

Hello, Mudder! Hello, Fadder!

Here I am at Camp Scrapbooking. (Do you have the snappy little tune stuck in your head yet?) Thank goodness because it was virtual camp, I didn't have any rain, alligators in the pool, or lost comrades, as the song suggests.
Here's how it worked. Each day, camp "counselors" would post entries with scrapbooking challenges, design ideas, photography pointers, etc. They also posted camp food recipes. There were a total of 10 different badges up for grabs by completing the suggested activities. Because my family was so good to let me have some time each day, I was able to get all 10 Camp CK Merit Badges (virtual badges I was able to post in my signature line on the website that hosted camp).
So, here is a sampling of the projects completed from last week's camp. The photo of the flowers was from a photography challenge. The Chip n Dale was for the 1st Aid badge - this layout was in need of some 1st aid to punch it up a little bit. The orange layout is from a "nature-inspired" layout challenge. The key ring photo album is Spencer's and features the places we went on vacation. He helped w/ the stickering. Now he'll be able to take it to school and show & tell about what he did this summer.
Anyways, look for CAMP CK again next year and sign up with me!

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  1. You go, girl! :) How fun. What a feeling of accomplishment! And yes, thanks to you, I now have that tune stuck in my head!