Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Turkey Time Napkin Holder

The gals over at Bitten By The Bug Blog do these challenges. The current challenge was to use any cut from the Cricut machine to create something about blessings, turkeys, thankfulness, etc. You get the idea. This napkin holder was created exclusively from the My Community cartridge and layers.

To make this, cut 2 base turkeys at 10". Cut one layer of the turkey at 10" (I cut mine in orange and cut a second at the same size in green). Cut the second layer at 9.5" (I cut mine in a yellow pattern). For the frame of the napkin holder, take a child's size wire hanger. Holding the hanger at the two pointed ends (which would slip through the armholes of your clothes) and the hook towards you stomach, bend the two pointed ends towards you. This should cause the center of the hanger (which would normally hold slacks) to move out and opposite from the hook end. Your hanger is diamond shaped. Bend the new top of you diamond up 90 degrees from the rest of the hanger. This end will insert into your tail of the turkey. I also found that I needed to cut the bottom of my longer tailend level so it would sit flush on the table.

Now bend the hook of the hanger up 90 degrees as well and then twist the hook 90 degrees. To add your turkey cuts to the hanger skeleton, cut the head and body off of one of your full turkey cuts. Cut the feet off both. Add on your layers of colored tail feathers. Glue your two tail pieces together at the edges leaving a pocket that will slip over the non-hook side of your holder. The tail that you added the colored tail feathers to will be the one to face in on the holder. The other one will be shorter because you cut the head and body away. This shorter one will be to the back side of the holder.

Add your layers onto the beak and neck. To help with the 3-D effect, I continued my cut around the neck of the turkey. The head and body are actually only taped onto my hook at this point. For the sake of the picture, I folded my napkins in half. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!