Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Crafting Party Update and PINTEREST CHALLENGE

Our first crafting get-together was small. I think perhaps the date didn't work well in many people's schedules. I ended up with 4 braided head bands and 1 scarf by the time day was over. I still have a pile of tee's in my dining room and some other things I'd like to make, but not bad for an afternoon's work.

I love the scarf. My husband and I like to go salsa dancing. Won't this be a fun accessory?

Ok, Pinteresters. I've got a CHALLENGE for you! I have two close people I know of going to do a couple months of missionary work this spring and summer. My challenge to you is to use your Pinterest Passion for good! I am aiming to collect 75 headbands for girls in Honduras by March 31st, 2012! You can use any pattern or style for any age girl, but the idea/pattern etc., must be either an original design OR come from Pinterest!

We will have a second push later this spring to support an orphanage in Peru. More details on that later!

What an excellent way to bestow some motherly love on these girls!